MusicEdConnect 2021: Part 3

The MusicEdConnect 2021 conference has been doing online music education conferences for 8 years!  The focus for this day was about marketing, but also sharing what we’ve learnt & hopes for the future of our lessons.  This is part 3 of 3 in our 2021 sneak peek series! Be sure to read part 1 & […]

MusicEdConnect 2021: Part 2

The MusicEdConnect conference is one of the original online music education conferences!  Each day we have had fun learning together & sharing ideas.  This is part 2 of 3 in our 2021 sneak peek series! If you have missed part 1, click here.

MusicEdConnect 2021: Part 1

MusicEdConnect 2021 connect is in its 8th year & is one of the original virtual music education conferences!  It’s like hanging out with friends that know all sorts of interesting facts & ideas for a few days.  At a time of the year when motivation can run low, this is a hit of creativity & […]

How to Include Cultural Awareness in the Music Classroom

Guest Article by Dr. Deborah Brener Cultural awareness has always been a part of music education. Given the events of this past year in the United States, more piano teachers are looking at ways to include “diversity” in their teaching.  And, the word “diversity” includes culture by its definition alone.  This translates into lessons, workshops, […]

How to Motivate Students Through Games

How to Motivate Students Through Games

One of my favourite ways to help students learn is to trick them.  Now, I say this with humour.  But, the truth is that when you motivate students through games the learning seems to stick.  And, who doesn’t want smiling students each lesson?

What the New Normal Will Look Like for Music Studios

The new normal.  Many music studios are wondering how to navigate this change. Find out how to support students, adapt your studio & keep emotional & mental health strong in your studio! Empowering Students It starts with their parents. As parents, we often don’t realize we unconsciously project our own stresses onto our children.  This […]