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How to fix the Apple and Android Divide

Do you know what one of the best parts of back to school is?  Finding resources that knock your students’ socks off!  But, there is one point of concern for many teachers.  “How do I use apps when I have no idea what types of devices students have access to?”  Trying to choose between Apple & Android is no problem when you know the right apps to choose from.

Just call me Webbie

While the App Store is filled with many different apps, there is a type of app that doesn’t live in the Apple & Android universe.  These are called progressive web apps & they will become your new best friend.

Progressive web apps (or web-based apps) live online.  You access them through a website from any device. 

They take away the added step of finding out which devices a student has access to during the week.  These apps don’t care if you are using an iPhone, iPad, Google phone, Chromebook, or PC.  They don’t worry about Apple & Android programming.

All they care about is that you can access them through a web browser.

The advantage

There is one feature that makes these apps so useful.

Imagine your student starts a music lab assignment in your studio.  Time runs out.  What do you do?

Imagine you are teaching online & want your student to be able to play the app on their own.  This can be a problem.

Many web-based apps have a student login.  This means students can start an activity on one device & pick it up again later on another.  

Once you have set-up the login for each of your students, their progress is tracked in real-time in the app & on the website versions! 

And, yes.  Many of these apps allow you to have individual student profiles so you can quickly switch between students during lessons.  And, all without compromising on tracking student progress.

Apple & Android Idea

There are a few apps that work well for music teachers in particular.  But, let’s look at one in particular.

As the name suggests, this is an all in one option that has plenty of games & activities to keep students engaged.

If you are using a web browser, visit  

If you have iOS device, download Tenuto.

It works on both Apple & Android devices, making it a perfect choice for the studio!

Once your student has downloaded the app, they can scan a customized QR code for the exact exercise you assigned from Music Theory App Map.  Or, if your student prefers using a computer, they enter a unique URL which automatically takes them to that week’s assignment.  No fuss.  No muss. 

Students in my studio have really appreciated the streamlined look of both versions.  And, they work very well in group lessons as well!

Online security

Security is a big concern for many parents.  Especially those with young children.

Rather than just opening any browser, parents can use:

  • Puffin browser: blocks ads from showing
  • Private or incognito settings: browser is not able to track anything after the window is closed

You can help parents feel more comfortable by showing them how these settings work at the end of their child’s lesson.  By doing this, you increase the buy-in from parents.

Music Theory App Map

Wondering how to make this a reality in your studio?  Keys to Imagination has created the Music Theory App Map workbooks (formerly known as Double Click Curriculum)!

These workbooks are correlated to the method books & make music labs quick to plan.  And, if you prefer to use more than one method book, check out the “Any Method” version of this program.


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