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Journey back in time in this museum to learn about innovations that have helped shaped music history.  This game helps to motivate students to practice and complete goals for the entire year!

Each student gets a character piece to use on the game board. For each day students practice the required amount or completed a given goal, set by the teacher, they will earn one space on the giant heavy-duty vinyl game board hung in the studio.

Students must visit all 12 exhibits to earn  collector cards.  Each card provides fun facts about innovations during each of the following eras: Prehistoric, Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Classical, Impressionistic, Modern, Contemporary, 21st Century and the future.

The research:

Musicians generally possess adequate knowledge of music history and how music has progressed.  We discuss composers, eras, and styles with our students as they learn new pieces.  With this in mind, our initial intention was to have this be a music history museum to reinforce our music history instruction.  As we were developing this game, we found ourselves fascinated with the innovations that have affected the way music has changed.  Beginning with prehistoric instruments and carrying through to the present, there have been drastic changes not only with the instruments themselves, but in the methods of producing and sharing music.  Those innovations directly impacted the lives of composers and musicians.

There were so many innovations that we couldn’t possibly include everything in this game, however we have included more activities and information in the teachers materials.  There are links to websites with music played on the instruments of the different periods as well as informational videos about the inventions such as the printing press and harpsichord as well as later technology.  It will be fun to see the students’ reaction to music played on a Victrola!

It was amazing to see how much has changed since I was a young music student!  Where can we possibly go from here?   The final project for the students who participate in this game is very exciting!  I discussed it with some of my students and they were very eager to get started!

In a future article, I will recommend some music books to use for our young students as a companion to this game.


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