Off the Bench Secrets Video

Do you want students that are excited for each online lesson? Are you wondering how to seamlessly move from off-the-bench to on-the-bench? Join Rosemarie Penner as she shares the secrets that bring new life into your online lessons & get your students (& you) off the bench!

Off the Bench Secrets to Amazing Online Lessons Handouts:

Forget About the Bench Bingo

Off-the-Bench Activities Handout – Rosemarie Penner

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Rosemarie Penner is an educator, boutique piano studio owner, clinician, writer & composer. She has a Bachelor of Education (with a focus on special needs education) plus ALCM teaching diploma in piano pedagogy. One of the main things Rosemarie has learnt in over a decade of teaching is that, as educators, we never really stop learning or exploring new ideas.

The Unfinished Lesson is her guide to balance for your life & creativity for your studio. Rosemarie believes that you should never have to choose. She focuses on all the skills that take teaching & running a business from overwhelming to fulfilling through creative strategies & smart tech ideas!