MUSIColorRIDE Workbook: Piano Basics


An innovative approach to teaching and reviewing music notation, this little “workbook” is more like a “playbook” for students, as it is highly entertaining. In addition to working with rhythm and notation concepts, students improve fine-motor skills and eye-hand coordination as they place the colored clips on the correct position on the answer card. On each of the book’s 40 pages, there are eight exercises, which the student completes by placing a colored clip in the matching position on the answer card. Students can check and correct their own work by comparing the color of their answers with the Answer Key colors on the reverse side of each page.  Children experience success immediately, and instead of asking the question: “Am I right?” they usually exclaim: “Look, I am right!” This workbook is like a “Vitamin of success” in that it helps build children’s self-confidence and enjoyment of music, encouraging regular practice.  This product is patented.

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Rhythm topic pages include:

  • time values (whole notes, half and dotted half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and rests)
  • time signatures (determining the time signature from a measure of notes in 2/4, ¾, 4/4, or 3/8 time).

Pitch notation pages include:

  • key names
  • treble and bass clef notes (covering grand staff from 2 ledger lines above and below)
  • identification of sharps and flats on keyboard and staff
  • intervals
  • key signatures
  • musical symbols.

Seven original songs appear at the end in large notation for one hand at a time. These songs could be used for easy repertoire, sightreading, or harmonization and transposition examples.

Additional Features:

  • Laminated, 5 X 8 inches, 50 pages, spiral-bound cover and colored clips
  • Reusable: Each new game or student simply rearranges the color clips
  • Flexible: teacher can quickly target needed skills with no maximum or minimum time requirement
  • Specially designed Answer Card contains 8 movable colored flexible plastic clips. (Additional clips available) Traditional (written) Answer Keys in the form of questions-and-answers are presented as well. The Answer Card is enclosed in the workbook as a bookmark.
  • Self-correcting: students can work independently in a lab, waiting area or homeschool situation
  • Attractive: colorful, clean layout of exercises
  • Compact and self-contained: no additional supplies needed (Great for travelling)
  • Appealing: Students will enjoy using it over and over

(Note: Because of the small answer clips, this product is not suitable for children under 3)


“The exercises are sturdy, colorful, attractive, and well designed and proportioned for small hands. It should be a godsend for piano teachers and for classroom instruction where teachers have the opportunity to teach the basics of music to their young pupils.”

Floyd K. Grave, Professor, Department of Music, Rutgers University

“. . .The MUSIColoRIDE workbook encourages rapid learning because it appeals to children on their cognitive level and evokes a positive emotional response.”

Sarra Belkina, M.A., Department of Music Theory and Composition, School at Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatory, Russia

“. . .I was amazed at the effect the MUSIColoRIDE workbook produced on my child. My daughter is actually looking forward to practicing! The book is magic! It targets the child’s softest spot – the desire to turn everything into a game – and it does it in the most successful way. Colors and action instead of the boring repetitions of my childhood music lessons! On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this book an 11.”

Tema Fridman, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Rutgers University

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